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"My wife and I were in our final stage of her immigration petition.  We decided to go see
Cheryl to review our application when she noticed that our application was incorrect.  She
immediately got to work on our application.  She and her husband put all their knowledge
and dedication into our application.

The outcome of all her hard work was very rewarding since my wife's visa application was
approved on the day of her INS appointment!"
                                                                                                                   --- J. and S. Muñoz
" I couldn't handle the creditors calling me anymore, being behind on my payments.  I
thought I would have to lose everything going through bankruptcy.  I called Cheryl and she
guided me through the complicated legal process of filing for bankruptcy.

I was able to save my house and my monthly plan payments are very sensible.  I'm no
longer uneasy about answering the phone or opening my mail.  Thank you for saving my
life and making my year."
                                                                                            ---R. Tanner
"Cheryl aided me tremendously through my hardship.  She is easy to talk
to, personable, genuinely caring, and honest.  I felt very comfortable and at
ease in all of the encounters I had with her.  Thank you for your caring and
dedication, Cheryl."
                                                                                           ---R. Fuentes
"When I went through a divorce a few years ago, I had such horrible experiences not only
with the legal system but with
my own lawyer too!  Now, Cheryl is my lawyer in my child
custody and support case.  She has been able to help me and my ex-husband through
mediation.  Thanks to Cheryl's hard work, I now have my kids back!  Cheryl has always
been there when I needed her.  I will always appreciate that."
                                                                                              ---F. Smith