Interview by Lyka Gozon of Lyks! Creatives

Three words that describe you and your business:
Tenacious, Tempered, Troubleshooter

Why do you do this work?
As an immigrant, a woman of color, and someone from humble beginnings, I know what it’s like to be on the daunting side of the legal system. I know the fears and trauma people are experiencing. Through my profession, I am able to help families. I fight tooth and nail to help others tear down barriers and fears.

Three to five values you believe in:
I believe there is beauty in every person.
I believe that people have the fundamental right to be happy, to have peace, and to be free of violence.
I believe in open communication, no matter the ugliness of the discussion.
I believe that no one should have to fear the court system.
I believe that our system of justice must evolve and improve to better serve the people.

Who is your ideal client?
My ideal client is one who, despite the turmoil and turbulence, still knows what they want, and hasn’t lost their sense of goodness, fairness, ultimate dream, and hope for the future. While they are upset, spiraling, and maybe even raging, they can still listen and hear me. They are not so angry that they are spitting out fire against everybody.
My ideal client will allow me to fight fairly and will let me help them. They will take my counsel to get us across the muddy waters.
My ideal client is not looking to scorch the earth, not looking to throw innocent people under the bus just for the vain glory and hollow victories.
Instead, my ideal client doesn’t dawdle on the ledge of lovelessness but instead aims to build dreams, goals, and solutions by closing the chapter on bitterness and anger.

What is your mission statement/story?
My mission in life is to use my knowledge, skill, and energy to serve families by helping them end legal fights and move on to building dreams and better tomorrows.

What is the one key story that you want your client to know/learn?
I come from poverty and pollution, Manila slum, and inner-city Los Angeles, and yet, I never for one moment believed that was supposed to be the be-all/end-all of my life. I fought hard to find beauty in everything, see and hear the humanity in every person and dug deep inside me to fight for my future so I can help others also fight for theirs.